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Vinsys Technologies software training program is distinct and different. We customize software training courses to match the particular course requirements. We equip software professionals with the needful skill set for immediate deployment on projects by project leaders. We also aim at meeting immediate up-gradation of the professionals skill set, to match the project requirements.

All our software training programs are also provided classroom and through an online interactive system. Professionals and students text messages for online demonstrations, and interact real-time with our software trainers. Our trainers also conduct private, personal training sessions on-site at the place of your convenience. But, usually we can hold training for small batches of students and professionals at our own premises.

Vinsys Technologies provides students with the needful software knowledge, and hands-on practice. This is sure to help our students in developing software applications, and in creating new software, once they are on independent projects. We train our students in the best practices for creating and publishing clients' projects.

Our offer of software training is wide-based, and addresses to a wide variety of audiences. We cater to the immediate software learning needs of professionals looking to further their careers in information technology, academics, sales and marketing, research and development, technical support and documentation.

We are conducting the training progarms according to people choices, on flexible days, timings and hours options in week days and weekends as well. please contact us for more details

Course Duration Price
Software / Web / Mobile Testing Training
Manual Testing Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450
Selenium Training with Java (Automation) 18 Hours / 3 days (6 Hours per day) £450
Selenium Training with C# (Automation) 18 Hours / 3 days (6 Hours per day) £450
Software Testing (Manual & Automation) 35 Hours / 5 days (7 Hours per day) £750
Mobile Applications Testing Training 18 Hours / 3 days (6 Hours per day) £450
Training + Internship Program 3 - 6 Months £2000
Software Test Management Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £1000
Software / Web Performance Testing Training
JMeter Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450
SoapUI Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450
Mobile Application Testing Training
Appium Android Training (Automation) 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £750
Appium iOS Training (Automation) 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £750
Internet Marketing
SEO Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450

To enrol yourself in the training program, all you need to do is contact us and get started.


We are based in London but we run training programs around the UK and Europe.
We can provide the training onsite as well.
Please contact us for Bookings and Price details.
We are conducting every month :
Selenium Training in Berlin - Germany
Selenium Training in Dublin - Ireland
Selenium Training in Paris - France

If you are looking for any other training programs around the UK and Europe, please visit our 'Training' page and contact us with your course requirements.

The Companies who have taken training with us:

We have provided software trainings for many companies and individuals in the UK and Europe.
Here are some of the companines...

Big Lottery Fund
Cambridge Consultants
IT Services University of Oxford
Family Investments
National house building council
MEM Consumer Finance
Hood Group
Care Quality Commission
MD Insurance Services Ltd
Orbis Investment Advisory Ltd