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Selenium is a Testing Automation tool for any web developments like websites, web applications, web CMS systems and web portals etc. It is invented and developed by Thought Works and Firefox. Selenium is an open source functional testing tool used for web applications testing.

Selenium training in london allows writing tests in numerous programming languages like Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, c sharp and even Python. This platform is compatible with operating systems of Windows, Macintosh and Linux, as it allows tests to be run on latest web browsers. Selenium training in london by us will allow you to explore the advanced concepts of web testing and fundamentals involved in a Selenium project.

Our selenium training courses module is oriented towards making people aware of basic concepts associated with Selenium, capabilities, limitation and tool chain. Our training program will allow you to exploit and build a robust infrastructure quite easily.

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Selenium IDE, WebDriver / RC & Selenium Grid with Java in Eclipse IDE

Software Testing
  • What is software testing and its importance
  • What is Manual testing and Automation testing
  • Differences between QTP and Selenium
Selenium > Selenium FAQ's
  • What is Selenium & Criteria for Automation
  • How to configure Selenium
  • Test automation for web applications with Selenium
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Selenium
Selenium IDE
  • What is selenium IDE
  • How to install & configure selenium IDE
  • How to create and run test cases and test suite in selenium IDE
  • How to record and play the test cases and test suite in selenium IDE
  • Commonly used selenium commands
  • How to write and use your own IDE Commands
  • How to write User-extensions.js and its use
  • How to write and use loops in IDE Commands
  • How to export the IDE recorded script with different languages
  • How to record the script in IDE and Implement in WebDriver / RC
  • How to read the data from xml file for IDE
  • How to take the screen shots for the errors
  • How to assert / verify the HTML elements
  • How to test alerts and pop ups with IDE
  • How to run IDE scripts in IE browser
  • How to run IDE scripts in Chrome browser
  • How to run IDE scripts in Safari browser
  • How to setup roll up rules in IDE
  • How to setup start up point and break points in IDE
  • What is java and why we need Java for Selenium
  • Installing Java and running a sample program in Java
  • Installing Eclipse IDE and running a sample program Java in Eclipse
  • Features of Java
  • Working with variables , data taypes , loops , functions in Java
  • What is global, local, static variables in Java
  • Working with constructors and interfaces in Java
  • What is oop's concepts and oo programming
  • How to create and implement class and Object, class in Java
  • How to implement inheritance in Java & Selenium
  • Working with packages, exceptions handling in Java & Selenium
Junit & TestNG Frameworks
  • What is Junit & TestNG frame works and How to use in Selenium
  • Configuring Junit & TestNG in Eclipse
  • Working with Selenium by using Junit & TestNGframe works
  • What is Ant and use of Ant and how it is used in Selenium
  • Working with Selenium by using Ant
  • Generating the HTML reports for a Test case by using Ant
Selenium WebDriver
  • What is WebDriver and why we have to use WebDriver
  • Difference between WebDriver and RC
  • Downloading and configuring the WebDriver in Eclipse
  • Using the WebDriver with Java in Eclipse
  • How to configure FirefoxDriver and work with Firefox browser using the WebDriver
  • How to configure IEDriver and work with InternetExplorer browser using the WebDriver
  • How to configure ChromeDriver and work with Google Chrome browser using the WebDriver
  • Cross Browser Testing with multiple browsers at a time with WebDriver
  • What is Firebug and Firepath
  • Adding and working with the Firebug & Firepath and its use
  • Locating or Identifying the HTML Elements with the Firepath and its use
  • Testing the HyperLinks in web pages with WebDriver
  • Testing the Buttons in web pages with WebDriver
  • Testing the Input boxes in web pages with WebDriver
  • Testing the Check boxes in web pages with WebDriver
  • Testing the Radio buttons in web pages with WebDriver
  • Testing the Pop ups in webpages with WebDriver
  • Testing the Alerts in webpages with WebDriver
  • Locating or finding the HTML Elements in web pages with WebDriver
  • How to write and implement the Java Loops in web pages with WebDriver
  • Passing the data or inserting the values to the HTML Forms in web pages with WebDriver
  • Capturing the screen shots for error pages with WebDriver
  • Extracting the data from tables in a webpage with WebDriver
  • Testing the Attachment of the files in webpages with WebDriver
  • Testing the web applications by reading the data from excel file with WebDriver
Selenium Android Driver
  • What is Selenium Android Driver and Android SDK
  • What is the use and how to use Android Driver
  • Configuring the AndroidDriver in Eclipse
  • What is Android Emulator and how to install Android Emulator
  • What is WebDriver APK
  • Initialising the AndroidDriver with Selenium
  • Writing the scripts for Android Driver in Eclipse
  • Sample facebook login, Gmail login testing etc in Android Emulator
  • Setting up the ports for running the Android Emulator
Selenium Grid
  • Over view of Selenium Grid
  • Setting up the Selenium Grid by using Selenium stand alone server
  • Configuring the Selenium Grid
  • Setting up and configuring the Selenium Hub
  • Creating and setting up the multiple nodes on single machine
  • Setting up and Working with multiple browsers with multiple nodes on single machine
  • Configuring the nodes to set up the number of browsers and limitations
  • Writing a program for Selenium Grid in eclipse editor with Java program
  • Testing a test case with Selenium Grid with multiple browsers with multiple nodes
  • How to set up Firefox , IE , Chrome browsers to work with Selenium Grid
  • Setting up Maximum Instances and Maximum Sessions in Selenium Grid
Apache - Maven
  • What is Maven
  • Installing the Maven
  • Configuring the Maven
  • What is pom.xml file
  • Using the pom.xml file
  • Setting up the Maven project in eclipse editor
  • Use of Maven project
  • Building the Maven project
  • Updating the jar files by using Maven
  • Updating the libraries by using Maven
  • Updating the selenium project dependencies by using Maven

Selenium RC
  • What is selenium RC and differences between IDE and RC
  • Difference between RC and WebDriver
  • Configuring the Selenium RC in Eclipse
  • Working with RC and its supported browsers
  • Adding and working with the Firebug & Firepath and its use
  • What is x-path, how it is use full in Selenium
  • Testing the links, buttons, input boxes, check boxes , radio buttons in web pages
  • How to start and stop the selenium server manually and through program
  • Working with loops in selenium
  • How to test pop ups and alerts in webpages

Who all will be benefited with our Selenium Training?
  • Managers
  • Manual testers
  • System administrators
  • Amateur testers seeking career in Testing and web development
  • Software Test Engineers
Advantages of Selenium
  • It is an open source platform
  • It works on different web browsers like safari, Mozilla, chrome and many more
  • It supports multiple operating systems
  • It supports multiple languages
  • It has the tendency to test Flash and Ajax applications
  • Database testing possible with this platform
  • Supports multiple tests framework
  • UI and Functional testing possible

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